Discover the magic of borrowing in your neighborhoodWhether it's spicing up your home decor, adding a touch of adventure to your day, or finding the perfect tool for your tasks, you can borrow almost anything from people right around the corner.
Embrace your roleRenting with The Rental Studio goes beyond mere convenience and cost efficiency. Opting for renting over buying not only benefits you but also plays a role in fostering a circular economy.
Rent anything
Rent anything

Cultivate community bonds, not just transactions

Save money
Save money

Cut back on purchases and opt to rent at a fraction of the price

Help the Planet
Help the Planet

Consume Less, Choose Rentals for a Greener Tomorrow

How It WorksRent with ease and style at The Rental Studio, offering budget-friendly, premium choices with simple terms.
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What our customers sayOur customers are very happy with our services. Here are some of their reviews.

Great service. We ordered a product for one of our outings, and the response and service were perfect. They have...

Apoorv Jain

I had a refrigerator and washing machine rented for my apartment. The service was top-notch and the things were in...

Parth Dhawan

Amazing experience,rented board games and Oculus.worth every penny 💯

Shrey Verma

It is budget friendly and yet luxurious renting takes place

Archana Dubey

I recently rented an Oculus headset from The Rental Studio and had a great experience overall. The rental process was...

Shifu Ash_Combat Dance

Frequently Asked QuestionsEverything you need to know

While we have confidence in your ability to handle the items responsibly, the security deposit serves as a safeguard for the lender in the event of any unforeseen issues. The deposit is a measure to build trust and enhance the incentive for the lender to share their item.

A one-day rental spans a 24-hour period starting from the moment the item is delivered to your doorstep. For instance, if you rented an item for a single day, and it was delivered at 10 am on Monday, the standard expectation is that the item should be returned by 10 am on Tuesday. Timely returns are crucial, as several of our lenders have consecutive rental bookings. Lenders reserve the right to impose late fees if items are returned beyond the specified return time.

Once you make the payment, you will also have to complete the KYC on the link Completing the KYC details: Verification of your Aadhar card Uploading a current picture Providing your address along with supporting proof Submitting occupation details with supporting evidence The KYC team may, at times, request additional documents for verification purposes.

If we are unable to verify your transaction and your Trustworthy Score falls below the required threshold, we will cancel the rental request and refund the entire amount to you.

After the rented products subscription period concludes, returned to us, our team will conduct a thorough quality check to assess for any internal or external damages. If the product meets our specified standards without any compromise in quality, we will proceed with the refund, and you can anticipate receiving it within 3-5 working days. However, if any damage is identified, the customer will be held responsible and is obligated to make payment as per the agreed Terms & Conditions.

The possibility of reapplying depends on the reason for the initial verification failure.If the failure was due to a lack of required documentation, and you now possess the necessary documents, then yes, you can reapply by submitting the correct documents for our review. However, if we have received all the requested documentation but your Trustworthy Score remains below the required threshold, regrettably, that decision will be considered final.

To maintain the safety and security of The Rental Studio for both lenders and renters, we request users to submit personal information. Sharing this information reflects a level of trust that we highly value. To ensure the confidentiality of your data, the information you provide is transmitted using SSL, a secure encryption method commonly employed by websites for transmitting sensitive details such as credit card numbers

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The Rental Studio: India's First Peer-to-Peer Rental Marketplace

Welcome to The Rental Studio, India's leading peer-to-peer rental marketplace. Our platform empowers individuals to rent out their underutilized belongings, allowing them to earn extra income effortlessly. We also offer a convenient solution for those seeking to rent items for short-term needs.

Join us in our mission to reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable world.

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The Rental Studio: One stop solution for all your rental needs

Discover the convenience and affordability of renting on our platform. At The Rental Studio, we connect renters with trusted owners, providing a wide range of items for rent in Mumbai and the surrounding areas. Whether you need furniture, electronics, appliances, party supplies, or tools, we've got you covered.

Why The Rental Studio?

At The Rental Studio, we understand the challenges of finding the right items for short-term use or special occasions. That's why we have created a platform that connects renters with trusted owners, providing you with a vast selection of items available for rent in Mumbai and the surrounding areas. When you choose to rent with us, you gain access to an extensive inventory of high-quality items ranging from stylish furniture and modern electronics to essential appliances, party supplies, tools, and more. Our curated collection ensures that you can find precisely what you need to create the perfect space or host a memorable event. What sets The Rental Studio apart is our commitment to providing a seamless experience. Our user-friendly website makes it easy for you to search for specific items, compare prices, and connect directly with owners. We prioritize your convenience, ensuring that renting has never been easier or more efficient. We take pride in building a community of trusted owners on our platform. Each owner goes through a thorough vetting process to ensure that you can have peace of mind when renting from them. Our dedication to fostering a safe and reliable renting environment means that you can trust the owners on our platform to provide exceptional service and well-maintained items. One of the biggest advantages of renting with The Rental Studio is affordability. Renting allows you to enjoy the items you need without the hefty price tag associated with purchasing them outright. We offer competitive rates that make renting a cost-effective choice for your short-term needs. With us, you can access top-quality items at a fraction of the cost. Flexibility is another key aspect of our platform. We understand that your rental needs may vary in terms of duration, and we cater to that. Whether you need an item for a few days, weeks, or months, our flexible rental periods ensure that you can rent for as long as you require and return the item when you're done. As a peer-to-peer rental platform, The Rental Studio offers the convenience of direct communication and negotiation with owners. You can discuss terms, arrange pick-up or delivery, and find a solution that works for both parties. Our platform empowers you to take control of your rental experience and ensures a more personalized and tailored approach. By choosing to rent with The Rental Studio, you are making a sustainable choice. Renting promotes a circular economy by reducing waste and unnecessary consumption. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment by embracing the concept of sharing and reusing items instead of buying new ones.

Elevate Your Space with Elegant and Functional Rentals for Every Category

At our platform, we offer a diverse range of rental options to enhance your living experience. Whether you're looking for furniture, appliances, board games, or gaming consoles, we've got you covered. Discover the perfect items to transform your home and enjoy the convenience of renting.

  • Furniture on rent in Mumbai

    Elevate the style and comfort of every room with our tasteful furniture options. From bedroom essentials to living room luxury, we have handpicked pieces that combine elegance and practicality. Explore our collection, which includes plush beds, cozy sofas, functional desks, stylish dining tables, and more.

  • Appliances on rent in Mumbai

    Upgrade your home with top-of-the-line appliances that make everyday tasks a breeze. We offer a wide selection of appliances for rent, including refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwaves, and more. Enjoy the latest technology and efficiency without the commitment of purchasing.

  • Entertainment on rent in Mumbai

    Unleash the fun and excitement with our extensive board game rentals. Whether you're hosting a game night with friends or looking for engaging activities for the family, our collection has something for everyone. Choose from classic favorites, strategy games, party games, and much more.

  • Gaming consoles on rent in Mumbai

    Take your gaming experience to the next level with our gaming console rentals. Immerse yourself in the latest titles and enjoy the thrill of high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay. Our selection includes popular gaming consoles that cater to both casual and avid gamers.

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